Monday, March 14, 2016

It's Monday! And i'm a mealworm farmer!


Here they are!  My actual mealworms, possibly a bit larger than actual size, depending on your resolution.

I picked up my mealworm farm starter kit this morning, kept the little guys (and girls) with me at my desk all day (don't tell my co-workers), and even took them with me to Bible study, where i used them for my own little show and tell.  Finally, i'm home, and so are they.

I was a little concerned that handling these guys would kind of creep me out, but it turns out, they're not that creepy.

No.  Really.

Anyway, it's late.  I REALLY need to go to bed.  But i will leave you with this.

A loose paraphrase of Luke 9:51ish through 54ish.

Recently, the disciples had been given power by Jesus to heal sick people and to rid them of demons, and they had been out practicing, per Jesus' instructions.  But now they're back together, and Jesus has decided to go on a journey, and the disciples are with him.  While on the journey, Jesus is hoping to get some overnight lodging in a town along the way, but the people in the town, said, "nope."  They're not happy about this particular journey Jesus is taking, and they don't want to help.  Well, the disciples, they're just barely baptized in this new power Jesus has given them, and they offer to "call down fire from heaven" buah ah ah, and consume these people who would turn Jesus away.  But Jesus is UNhappy with the disciples about this proposal.  "You do not know what spirit you are of," He says.  [That is not why I came.]  "[I] did not come to destroy men's lives but to save them." 

Jesus also said, in another place, that to know Him is to know the Father.  God is not looking to destroy you for your mistakes, for your rejection of Him, or for anything else.  He volunteered to sacrifice Himself, His Son, so that you, no matter who you are, your life could be saved.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Automatic Chicken Door!

In the life of every chicken keeper is the daily chore of opening and closing the chicken door, the tiny chicken size door on the back of the chicken coop, that lets the chickens out into the chicken yard.  In my particular case, this also includes walking into the chicken coop (usually in my work clothes), bending down underneath the nest boxes, and prying out the piece of wood which is wedging the door in place, and then wedging it differently to keep the door open.

The placement of the door is important because the nest boxes have a slanted top.  This was supposed to keep the chickens from hanging out up there, but apparently the slant isn't severe enough to disuade them, and they hang out up there anyway.  

And anywhere chickens hang out, chickens poop.


This is important because chicken poop sometimes doesn't stay where it's dropped off, especially if it's dropped off on a slanted surface, and then gravity takes over and if there happens to be someone bent over under the nest boxes, in their work clothes.....well, you get the picture.


And also that makes you late for work, especially if you accidentally get it in your hair while you're changing your clothes.

Yes. Ew, again.  But with tears this time.

This weekend, my gun-slingin' super hero, this time slinging some wonderful technical know-how, came to my rescue.    It's a prototype.  Be patient.  Here comes the magic. It's slow magic - on purpose, so it doesn't accidentally crush chickens. This is important.

By remote control from my kitchen, i can make this happen.

You should turn on your volume.  It's great.

Coming soon - chicken door on a timer...  Too much excitement!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

I'm going to be a mealworm farmer on Monday!

I know what you're thinking......ew.

But what i'm thinking is LIVE CHICKEN FOOD!

I'm also thinking cheaper chicken food.  Yay cheaper!

If things go well, i might also be able to make a little side money, selling mealworms to bait shops or something like that.  But that's getting a little ahead of myself.  

I've been reading about mealworm farming for a while.  I joined a mealworm farming facebook group, so i could read other people talk about mealworm farming.  I asked questions, looked at pictures, asked questions about methods about 

And then yesterday, i finally worked up the nerve to order my first mealworm farm starter kit.  Yes, that's a real thing.  And yes, i had to work up the nerve.  It's because i hate the feeling i get when i start a new project without the necessary inspiration to see it through.  But i think springtime has hit me now, and i'm finally ready. And excited.

Enough about worms.  For now.  'Cause i'm pretty excited about the worms.

Let's talk about chickens.

My chicken flock was needing some freshening.  So i ordered baby chicks to add some new life to the flock. Well, while the chicks were forthcoming, a BOBCAT started thinning my flock.  A lot.  So right now, i have 5 hens in the chicken coop and 39 baby chicks in the hatchery.  It was supposed to be just 12 baby chicks, but i decided to keep more when i lost so many hens, and then i had to get some boys because my roosters were also bobcatted.  The baby boy chicks came with extra baby boy chicks, and now i have a bunch of chickens again.

But most of them are very small.

And somehow, having the baby chicks in the hatchery, made the place feel alive and made it ok with me for me to go ahead and get the mealworms.  

Psychology is weird.

God is good. 

Spring is finally here.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.  Ecclesiastes 3.  Even mealworms.